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Family enjoying the Kiama Coast Walk

Kiama Coast Walk

One of Australia’s most scenic walks

Ocean views, spectacular rock formations, unspoilt beaches. The Kiama Coast Walk has three sections, made up of a series of shorter walks/cycling paths from the mouth of the Minnamurra River south through Kiama to Gerringong’s Werri Beach. Offering a mix of sealed paths, grassed tracks and beach walking, the hills are gentle enough for most fitness levels. An unbroken ribbon of exploration stretching approximately 20 kilometres.

The Kiama Coast Walk can be divided into three sections:

* North Section — Minnamurra River to Kiama Blowhole
* Mid Section — Kiama Blowhole to Loves Bay
* South Section — Loves Bay to Gerringong 

We’ve put together this handy video to give you a sneak-peak of what to expect from each of the sections. Or follow along on our digital map by clicking here. 

Looking for pet-friendly areas? Please read this helpful information about our off-leash areas.

North Section

Minnamurra River to Kiama Blowhole Walk

Grade: Medium Distance: 8.5km Time: 3hrs

Starting the Kiama Coast Walk from the north, you will begin at Minnamurra Train Station. You will find a Kiama Coast Walk map here to get your bearings. Next head south to James Oates Reserve and the Minnamurra River mouth. Don’t forget a camera, good walking shoes, swimmers if you’d like to take a dip, and sunscreen!

Kiama Coast Walk North Section

Minnamurra Whale Watching Platform

Almost immediately, stunning views are on offer from Minnamurra headland – looking north to Mystics and Killalea beaches, plus Rangoon Island (named after the ship wreck in 1870).

Cathedral Rocks

From here, markers will guide you to the gentle sweep of Jones Beach and the Cathedral Rocks beyond along with the hidden beauty of ‘the Boneyard’.

Bombo Headland

The eerie basalt columns of Bombo headland are all well-marked and worthwhile detours along the way. Popular with surfers all year round, North Bombo Beach gives you your first glimpse of Kiama township.

Bombo Beach

When you make it to south Bombo beach, you have the option here to veer west and under the highway on to Hutchison St and on to the Kiama Cemetary and Spring Creek Wetland, otherwise continue along the beach.



Mid Section

Kiama Blowhole to Loves Bay Walk

Grade: Medium/Hard  Distance: 6km Time: 1.5hrs

For the most part this section takes you through a series of waterfront reserves; Storm Bay, Surf Beach, Kendalls Beach, Easts Beach and Loves Bay, laced together by headlands. The Little Blowhole is midway along this section. Take a break here to check out this unusual water feature in action. There are great views at every turn, especially looking back towards Kiama and the lighthouse.

Kiama Coast Walk Mid Section

Blowhole Point

Kiama’s Visitor Information Centre and historic Pilot’s Cottage are located at Blowhole Point. From Blowhole Point, beaches and bays lie ahead, with signage highlighting landmarks and history along the way. From Storm Bay, past the Showground and down to Surf Beach.

Surf Beach

Surf Beach is Kiama’s most popular beach (patrolled from October to April) with all-weather exercise equipment and sweeping views accompany you for this part of your journey. The Norfolk-pine-dotted headland carries you around to Kendalls Beach.

Kendalls Beach

Stop and take in the views from the steep north side of Kendalls and maybe spot a dolphin or two! Enjoy the golden sandy beach along the bay towards the steps at the south end, which leads up along a breathtaking grassy walk towards the Little Blowhole.

Little Blowhole

While its larger cousin operates best in a South-East swell, this one takes flight in a more common North-Easter. Found on Tingira Crescent, this smaller blowhole is arguably more consistent than the Kiama Blowhole, putting on regular whoosh-tastic displays.

Easts Beach

Your journey now continues on grass until sheltered Easts Beach comes into view, with steps at each end. Here you’ll find one of NSW’s best holiday parks, Big4 Easts Beach Holiday Park. Heading up to Kiama Heights, the next headland is a great spot to look back at how far you’ve come. Following along around the tip of Attunga Avenue, Loves Bay and its rocky solace beckons. Your urban leg is complete.



South Section

Loves Bay to Gerringong Walk

Grade: Medium/Hard Distance: 6km Time: 2hrs

This section is the most untouched, as you follow a zig-zag of coastal pastures south from Kiama Heights to Werri Beach. Your occasional partner on this journey is the South Coast railway, appearing and disappearing into tunnels carved more than 120 years ago. It is here, amongst the exposed clifftops, rainforest remnants and endless ocean views, that the weather can play a factor – so be prepared for all possibilities. There are notable number of hills and climbs in this section of the walk.

Kiama Coast Walk South Section

Loves Bay

Kilometre markers inform your progress while providing fascinating facts of the history and geology of the local area. The Illawarra escarpment gently tumbles into the sea before your very eyes. Along the way, it’s possible to feel miles from civilization.

Werri Lagoon

Dipping amongst rocky bays and finally to the tidal Werri Lagoon, the township of Gerringong sits atop the next hill.


Choose to walk along Werri beach or the adjacent sidewalk heading south. You will see the next green headland at the end of Werri Beach. Here you can either follow Belinda St 1.4 kilometres to the train station (via cafés and shops) to complete your loop or continue down the headland, finishing up at picturesque Boat Harbour.*

If you are still up for more, continue south towards beautiful Gerroa, which takes about 45 minutes to walk.

*Gerringong Bowling Club is offering a WALK + EAT + RIDE lunch special which includes a lift back to Kiama, if a minimum of $20 is spent at their club. Contact the club for more details or to make a booking: (02) 4234 1414.



Walking Tips

• After heavy rain Werri Lagoon (Gerringong) may be open to the ocean. Check with Kiama Visitor Information Centre on 1300 654 262.
• Some parts of the walk are along unprotected cliff tops, so please do not leave children unattended.
• We recommend walking early morning to avoid the heat of the day during summer.
• Check for any expected bad weather before you leave.
• Travel smart – carry a water bottle, wear sunscreen and hat, and have a charged mobile phone.
• For taxi transport to and from the walk, call (02) 4237 7505. For train times, visit TransportNSW or download the TripView app.