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Strategic Tourism and Events Plan

Tourism is recognised as a key pillar of Kiama’s economy in the Regional Economic Development Strategy, it is also Kiama’s largest industry and a major employer.

Kiama Council’s Community Strategic Plan 2017-27 identifies the continued encouragement and support of tourism, along with economic growth and employment and encouragement of economic development being of greatest importance to the community.  Similarly, Kiama Council’s BISI (Build Invest Sustain Integrate) Cultural Planning document acknowledges the value of tourism collaboration and commits to supporting strategies that integrate cultural arts.

The revised Tourism and Events Plan seeks to contribute directly to the objectives of these major Council reports that address the role of local government in tourism with regard to Kiama’s visitor economy and the Municipality’s investment in tourism.

The Tourism and Events plan sets out our strategic positioning and priorities. Click below to download the document and associated Background Report.

Tourism & Events Strategic Plan

Appendix 1: Background Report