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Q: How should I pronounce “Kiama”?
Think of how you would say “I AM A” and it rhymes with that. So “I AM A visitor to KIAMA”. Easy!

Q: What hours does the blowhole operate?
A: Mondays/Tuesdays 8am-10am and 1pm until…, no just kidding! It’s a natural attraction, and is open 24/7 every day of the year. If you’d like to know more, we’ve got some handy facts here.

Q: What if the Blowhole isn’t “blowing”?
A: Nature is a fickle mistress, and sadly we have not figured out how to coin-operate it yet. Just know that it’s all about wind direction. Kiama Blowhole (near the lighthouse) is at its “whoosh-iest” in a SE wind, while the Little Blowhole likes to show off in a NE wind.

Q: Any good walks/hikes in the area?
A: Oh, you’re in for a treat! The Kiama Coast Walk extends 22km from Minnamurra to Gerringong. You’ll also find some other great walks here. Alternatively download our Kiama Walks Guide here.

Q: Is Minnamurra Rainforest in Minnamurra?
A: It’s actually west of Jamberoo (easily signposted from there, with more details here) at the start of the Minnamurra River, and not in the village of Minnamurra, which is where the river meets the sea.

Q: Does Kiama have a railway station?
A: It does – located on the very originally named Railway Parade, 2 minutes from the main street and 10 minutes from the lighthouse/blowhole. Kiama is the last electric stop from Sydney, but diesel trains continue south to Bomaderry (Nowra) via Gerringong and Berry.

Q: How’s the WiFi here?
A: Kiama was one of the first towns in Australia to be connected to the NBN high speed broadband network, and visitors can tap into free internet throughout the downtown Kiama area (select Kiama Council Free Wifi). Many cafes and accommodation also offer WiFi – just ask!

Q: Where can I see kangaroos?
A: If you’re extremely patient, one may bounce down the main street in the middle of the night. For a fully immersive experience, you’ll want to head further south along the coast (or to a wildlife park or zoo), however the Kiama area is home to a range of wildlife that is a little easier to see!

Q: Why are they called the Cathedral Rocks?
A: Because the rocks are all shaped like Prince Harry. Okay, no – it is of course because they resemble the spires of a cathedral (albeit a soggy one).

Q: Is Kiama a good place for fishing?
A: We give fishing enthusiasts the same advice that we give broken-hearted visitors – “there are plenty of fish in the sea!”. Click here for some fishing spots and advice. (Personally, we consider Kiama quite the catch…)

Q: Can I free camp in the Kiama area?
A: Currently there are no free camping areas, however, we have fantastic camping & holiday park options to choose from.

Q: You mentioned great holiday parks?
A: Yes, you’ll find these at Surf, Kendalls and Easts Beach, as well as Werri Beach in Gerringong and alongside Crooked River at Gerroa. Top notch – family friendly, couples friendly, human friendly. See the full list here.

Q: And other accommodation options?
A: Take your pick – from motels, hotels and resorts through to BnBs, holiday homes to hire or even the corner of someone’s garage on Airbnb.

Q: Which is furthest north? Adelaide or Kiama?
A: Hmm… it’s close, but Kiama is slightly more north. Fun fact: we’re also exactly the same latitude as Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Q: Should I tell my friends how great the Kiama area is?
A: Hmmm, another tricky one. We understand your dilemma, but we say YES – there is plenty to go around and if they’re really your friend, they also deserve a great holiday. Just don’t forget to tag your pictures #kiama to share the love with us too!

Kiama Visitor Information Centre

The Kiama Visitor Information Centre is a great place to start your visit to the Kiama area. Chat with our friendly local knowledgeable team. We provide comprehensive visitor information on the Kiama area, spanning from Minnamurra in the north, Jamberoo in the west and Gerroa in the south and beyond.

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