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Tourism Opportunities Plan (TOP)

Destination Kiama (Kiama Municipal Council) released the Kiama Tourism Opportunities Plan (TOP) in 2018, to lead a discussion about the future of tourism investment in the Kiama area over the next decade.

  • The TOP identifies Kiama’s key tourism experiences and suggests ways to sustainably develop these experiences for visitors and locals alike.
  • The TOP was developed from local workshops involving members of the public, tourism operators, business organisations, and the NSW Government.
  • Participants worked together to define what was special about Kiama from the point of view of locals and visitors, establishing four ‘hero’ experiences.
  • Participants then suggested a range of ideas to help visitors and locals better enjoy each hero experience, by developing or ‘activating’ them.

To download a copy of the Kiama Tourism Opportunities Plan (TOP), please click here.