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Tourism Opportunities Plan (TOP)

Destination Kiama (Kiama Municipal Council) has released the Kiama Tourism Opportunities Plan (TOP), to lead discussion about the future of tourism investment in the Kiama area over the next decade.

  • The TOP identifies Kiama’s key tourism experiences and suggests ways to sustainably develop these experiences for visitors and locals alike.
  • The TOP was developed from local workshops involving members of the public, tourism operators, business organisations and the NSW Government.
  • Participants worked together to define what was special about Kiama from the point of view of locals and visitors, establishing four ‘hero’ experiences.
  • Participants then suggested a range of ideas to help visitors and locals better enjoy each hero experience, by developing or ‘activating’ them.

For example, Hero Experience 1:

The traditional seaside lifestyle of Kiama gives residents and visitors an opportunity to rejuvenate, nourish and reconnect, where locals swim, bodyboard, surf and walk to the thundering sound of the blowhole, before the day’s work begins. Natural beauty and the region’s rich heritage are reflected in the region’s art and events, year-round.

This is supported by an idea for a Beach and Foreshore Activation Program, which has a range of proposals:

  • Encouraging surf life saving clubs to consider food and drink offerings and provide services such as equipment hire.
  • Lighting of foreshore areas in Kiama, Gerringong and Gerroa to provide welcoming and safe environments which encourage twilight and evening visitation
  • Temporary/demountable event infrastructure which can be used for a range of beach-based events such as temporary staging/seating etc

The TOP is part of the overall Strategic Tourism and Events Plan 2018 – 2021.  Therefore it supports increasing the value of the local tourism industry, rather than simply increasing visitor numbers. It focuses on encouraging more visitors in off peak and shoulder periods, increasing expenditure by visitors, and by supporting activity which encourages growth in twilight and evening experiences.

To download a copy of the Kiama Tourism Opportunities Plan (TOP), please click here.

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