2017 Kiama Visitors Guide

2017 Kiama Visitor Guide

Welcome to Kiama! Magical places let you take a little piece of them home with you when you leave. It's why we still remember special holidays from years ago – golden memories, faded but not forgotten. Kiama is one such place – barely 90 minutes from Sydney but a world away from worry. So what is it that makes a place like Kiama so special? Is it the people? (We are quite lovely.) The almost embarrassing abundance of natural wonders? (#sorrynotsorry) The sheer variety of experiences and thriving local produce? (Yum.) It's all of those things – and so much more. We invite you now to explore these pages and create your own uniquely special Kiama visit. What magical memories will you take home with you?...

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2017 Dining Guide

Our dining guide will help you discover a range of culinary delights and tease your taste buds as you browse through all the delicious food Kiama has to offer.

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2016 Shopping Guide

Our shopping guide will help you discover a range of retail shops through Kiama (and Kiama Downs!), Jamberoo and Gerringong as you browse through what the area has to offer.

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