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  • Cedar On Collins

    Located in the heart of idyllic Kiama, Cedar on Collins is a unique retirement offering, providing a range of 1, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments for the discerning Resident. Immersed in the relaxed village of Kiama, Cedar on Collins offers concierge services coupled with on-site amenities…

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  • Isha Knill Art

    Isha Knill Art is inspired by elements of nature, design and colour, offering workshops to people of all ages to create their own unique art pieces.

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  • Atmosphere Productions

    A video is the most effective way to communicate your business’s message, but a poorly executed video and distribution strategy are a waste of your time, effort, money and worst of all can actually negatively impact your businesses reputation. Atmosphere…

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  • Stone Real Estate Illawarra

    Stone is a progressive real estate group that brings together the industry’s finest minds. Their passionate agents are supported by revolutionary technology that benefits clients and gives an edge in the market. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or rent,…

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  • St Trinity Property Group

    St Trinity Property Group is a leading diversified property group with market leading performance over the last 15 years. St Trinity’s philosophy is based upon delivering exceptional quality, intelligently-designed contemporary developments, and in creating dynamic and cohesive sustainable communities. St…

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  • Kiama Game Fishing Club Inc

    The Kiama Gamefishing Club (KGFC) was founded in 2001 following the vision of the inaugural President Mark Way. The idea came to fruition when it was noted that a significant number of the members of other regional gamefishing clubs resided…

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  • Laughter House Entertainment

    Laughter House is a unique Entertainment Agency delivering creative and hilarious performances for a range of festivals, corporate events and celebrations. Completely self-contained and able to transform any space, our focus is always on the visitor experience – blending bite-sized…

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  • RMB Lawyers

    Kearns & Garside was established in Kiama in 1887, just over two years after RMB in Wollongong. So when the two firms merged in 2005, they were a perfect match – with the history, culture and experience of a combined…

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