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Schottlanders takes pride in the paddock-to-plate journey of their Wagyu beef, emphasizing the exceptional quality derived from their unique farming practices. Situated in the verdant two percent of Australia with year-round green grass, their farm spans from an initial 96 hectares to now 174 hectares. This lush coastal pasture contributes significantly to the flavour and fat score of their grass-fed beef, setting a standard that is hard to match.

Environmental sustainability is a core value at Schottlanders, with a commitment to utilizing solar energy throughout their operations. Their proximity to Sydney and its international airport allows for minimized environmental impact during beef transportation to customers, aligning with their eco-conscious approach.

For those eager to savour their delicious Wagyu beef sausages, Maria can be found at the Kiama Farmers Market each Wednesday afternoon, offering a direct link between consumers and the farm’s premium products.