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Meats & Greet BBQ is situated in the heart of Kiama,  celebrating the nation’s multicultural tapestry. The restaurant offers a unique fusion of Japanese, Korean, and Thai BBQ styles, creating an unforgettable dining experience.

Japanese BBQ brings world-class quality meats, Korean influence adds delightful side dishes, and Thai cuisine offers full-flavoured dipping sauces, creating a symphony of tastes.

In Australia, BBQ, or “Barbie,” is a cherished tradition. The menu pays homage to this passion, providing a feast that embodies the Australian spirit of enjoying life.

Meats & Greet believes BBQ is more than a meal; it’s a social activity where everyone becomes their own Masterchef. Guests take turns grilling, creating shared memories and laughter. As the saying goes, “BBQ Is The Answer, No Matter What The Question.” Join in the joy of grilling and sharing fun times together.