Jon Harris Photography


I'm a photographer based in Gerringong, Australia, and yep - you guessed it - my name is Jon Harris.

I love photography for several reasons. It gives me an excuse to get out into nature and observe some of the beautiful things that we so often ignore as we rush past. A nice balance of creativity and technical knowledge is required to snap good images, which I find a gratifying challenge. And finally, I don't mind playing with new gadgets, so I'll always find an excuse to rationalise needing a new lens or other bit of kit.

Mostly I love shooting natural things - animals, flowers, landscapes.

I'm quite happy to venture down the aisle and shoot weddings too - it is a privilege to witness such a happy day!

You can also see where some of my work has appeared in context on my Bio page.

Future goals include exploring macro photography, in the hope of bringing to light the tiny, amazing worlds we overlook everyday.


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