Granties Maze


The trees in Granties Maze were planted over 30 years ago by John Grant. Today this small family friendly amusement park is open to the public.

There is NO admission fee and customers only pay for what they use. All prices are on our website.

There are over 50 attractions many of these will not be seen at any other amusement park in Australia.

Mr Grant designed the park for families with small chidren (Below the age of 13). Although there are a few thrill rides for the teens and young 20's, it is predominately for the younger brigade.

About 20 of the attractions you need human power not machines. The 6 metre tall spider web will give the fittest of people a good workout.

Besides the attractions there is a garden wedding centre with a picnic hut that will sea 200 people. This is ideal for budget conscious people who wish to keep the cost of their wedding in reasonable proportion.

A dodgem tract and cars are available for corporate, birthday and special events. This is not available for the maze attendees.

Because there is NO admission charge guests can come in use 1 ride and then go. If they wish to spend all day then they can hire one of the moderately priced picnic huts, bring their own picnic lunch and stay all day. The cost is $9 for the small hut (1 family), $16 for the mid hut (2 families), $70 for the medium hut (5 families), $400 for the large - which will seat 200 people.

The only Workcover approved hay ride is available for hire for scouting and youth groups. It can also be used by Senior Citizen parties.

The maze is set on 69 acres and Mr Grant has announced that every year he intends to add another new attraction!

Opening Hours

We open daily except for Christmas Holiday, Boxing Day and Easter Friday.

Monday to Friday : 10am ~ 4pm

Saturday & Sunday : 9am ~ 5pm


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