Jervis Bay Wild


Jervis Bay Wild offers a range of breathtaking Whale Watching & Dolphin cruise options for you, your family and your friends to enjoy all year-round. Whale Watching and Dolphin Watching with us in beautiful Jervis Bay is a fantastic way to experience the excitement of pure nature like never before

With a variety of cruise and adventure offerings, Jervis Bay Wild is the premier eco-tourism company in the region. Our most popular trips, our dolphin eco cruise and our whale watching tour, are some of the highest rated and most beloved experiences to be had on Jervis Bay. On your next holiday to this beautiful area, why not book a cruise with Jervis Bay Wild?


Whale Eco Cruise (May - Nov)

Witness the majestic beauty of our migrating Humpback whales. A life changing experience set against rugged cliffs and ancient sea caves. During the months of October and November mothers & calves enter the bay for a number of days to rest and bond with their young.

Dolphin Eco Tour (All year round)

See our resident Bottlenose dolphins that live in Jervis Bay Marine Park, all year round, in some of the cleanest, clear water in the world. Our vessel Port venture is the most loved boat by the dolphins in Jervis Bay, as they race for hundreds of metres to play on the bow.

Summer Eco Cruise (Nov - May)

Breathtaking natural beauty fringed by spectacular national parks of long beaches, with the finest white sands in the world, broken by rocky headlands with towering cliffs emerging out of the sea and home to a variety of bird and marine life.

Seal Colony (All year)

Venture outside Jervis Bay Marine Park to visit a Seal colony. Explore the rugged sea cliffs and sea caves of Beecroft Peninsula and enjoy the seals at the Drum and Drumsticks.

Summer Boom Netting (Nov - May)

Cruise the pristine waters of Jervis Bay Marine Park. See our resident Bottlenose dolphins, spectacular sea cliffs and enjoy the adrenalin rush of boom netting along unspoiled white beaches. Jervis Bay Marine Park is an environment/friendly habitat sanctuary zone.

The South Coast Passage (Sept - Apr)

Your journey begins boarding our open aired Rigid Inflatable Boat at Currarong. You will be amazed by the rugged remote beauty of Beecroft Peninsula and its unspoilt coastline. On this blue water journey you will explore ancient sea caves, remote seal colonies, and towering sea cliffs. Wildlife you are likely to encounter will be dolphins, seals, whales (in season), bird life in their natural habitat. This is a unique experience not to be missed.


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