HARS Aviation Museum Tarmac Days


The sounds of aviation history will resonate across Illawarra Regional Airport, at Albion Park Rail south of Wollongong, as HARS Aviation Museum holds its monthly Tarmac Days display in mid-June. Held for three days starting on the second Friday of each month, the June Tarmac Days cover Friday, Saturday and Sunday 14-16 June.

Volunteers at the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society are planning engine runs for their marine reconnaissance Lockheeds Neptune and Orion, World War II Dakota C-47 and unique three-engine de Havilland Drover aircraft on Saturday and Sunday 15-16 June.

Resplendent in its original French Marine livery, Neptune submarine hunter “566” is maintained for future generations to see how submarine patrols were conducted during the Cold War era .

The Neptune model P2V-7 was recovered from Tahiti by HARS volunteers and flown to Australia. They plan to conduct engine runs on the Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm.

The recently retired RAAF Orion turbo-prop AP-3C is the first of its type to fly under civil registration.

Now registered VH-ORI, the former RAAF Lockheed Orion long-range surveillance turbo-prop aircraft completed some 16,400 flight hours, including many searching the Indian Ocean for the missing MH-370 until it was handed over to HARS.

The American built Dakota was a workhorse of the Second World War with more than 16,000 built, including many in RAAF service including those now maintained to flying condition at HARS Aviation Museum.

HARS President Bob De La Hunty said HARS has three operational C-47 Dakotas which were built in the early 1940s and served with the US Army Air Force in the South Pacific during World War II.

‘We plan to run the C-47s at 2 pm on the Saturday and Sunday of June Tarmac Days,” Mr De La Hunty said.

At 11 am the museum volunteers also plan to run their still-flying Drover, the last of 20 of its type built by De Havilland at Bankstown in 1949.

In addition, a former RAAF Mustang P-51D fighter is available from the museum for a flight experience like no other over the Illawarra.

This magnificent P-51D Mustang Fighter was delivered to the RAAF in 1945.  This is no ordinary warbird.  This is no ordinary joy flight.  Suit up, strap in and get ready to experience euphoria on a grand scale.

To find out more or to book a flight call 0410 325 644, call HARS Reception on 4257 4333, or email info@mustangflights.com

Visitors can step aboard the majestic former Qantas Boeing 747-400 “City of Canberra” which still proudly holds the record as the only commercial aircraft to fly non-stop from London to Sydney for its delivery flight back in 1989.

With former RAN Historic Flight aircraft recently transferred to HARS, visitors can sit in the Wally the big Wessex helicopter at HARS Aviation Museum.

Also forming part of what will become HARS Navy Heritage Flight are a Sea Venom jet and a Sea Fury carrier aircraft now under restoration.

HARS Aviation museum is open from 9.30 to 3.30 daily for visitors, and groups, to see and sit in many of more than 40 aircraft on display. The last tour starts at 2.45 pm.

The museum’s acclaimed Café Connie is open for barista coffee plus delicious hot and cold food at very reasonable prices … so when visiting HARS Aviation Museum you can make a meal of it.