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Picks and Flicks October movie (usually screened first Friday of the month but due to Council maintenance the October movie has been brought forward) is 'Woman at War'.   The November screening will be back to the usual first Friday of the month, 1st November 2019.


Woman at War

Woman at War, is a dark comedy that takes as its catastrophic subject matter the despoliation of planet Earth and one woman's secret eco-warrior response to local environmental assault in rural Iceland. Halla, the main character balances her environmentalist efforts with a 'usual' life, including leading a local choir and seeking to create a family.

The director, Benedikt Erlingsson, has a career in theatre, film and tv.  His substantial skills ensure this film brings a warmth, wit and wisdom that transcend national and cultural boundaries, making this a truly universal treat .

Tickets go on sale at Gerringong Town Hall at 7.20pm with the film starting at 8.00pm. After the film, stay for our Gerringong Pics and Flicks world famous Tea, Coffee and Cakes ($4.00) and take the time to discuss the film or anything else you like in a relaxed social atmosphere.

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For the movie details of each month, please check either the Gerringong Pics & Flicks Website or you can download our What's On from our website.


$10 on the night, or buy a an annual subscription.

Annual memberships is only $60. That's 11 movies from date you sign up

10-ticket multi-use cards are only $80

Casual tickets at the door $10 ea.

A 10 tickets pass will be available for $80. This not only gives a 25% reduction on the door price but also can be used by more than one person. Bring along a friend or two and they can be covered by your 10 tickets pass.

As there has been occasion where the hall has been at full capacity, a small number of seats will now be held for people with annual membership up until 10 minutes prior to the film commencing. After that time, those seats will be sold to casual ticket buyers.

Non Members who come early can reserve a seat but only if it has been paid for first.

After the film, stay for our Gerringong Pics and Flicks world famous tea, coffee and cakes ($4.00) in a relaxed social atmosphere.

Come and join us at the movies!