Bush Gothic - Beyond The Pale @ Jamberoo Chapel Soundspace


Kiama Jamberoo Community Music Association is excited to welcome an Australian Folk group unlike any other. Bush Gothic describe themselves as a post-colonial bush band whose mission is to keep their folk culture breathing, the traditions stretching back hundreds of years from IONA (Islands of The North Atlantic). History records what happened and songs record how people felt about it. The history of Australia is littered with murder, sadistic commanders, cross-dressing gold diggers, gay bushrangers, riches, poverty, bizarre rituals and terrible gallows humour. 

Pat Dodson at Garma Festival 2016 had this to say

‘This is about all of us. It’s not some concession to the Natives. It is about this nation coming to terms with it’s dark, desperate and miserable history. But yet being able to celebrate the British tradition, the multiculturalism and the Indigenous heritage and to intertwine that in a way that gives this civil state we call Australia a new identity, a new capacity to do things differently.’ 

Tickets and information available here or visit the band’s website