Sunday Yin with Tony @ Emergence Yoga


Yin yoga targets the connective tissue - fascia, ligaments, tendons - and the joints. Holding poses for longer, looking to relax the muscles and find greater depth and softness. By applying gentle and sustained stress to the connective tissue, remodeling can occur, which helps maintain healthy fascia.

๐ŸƒYin yoga will ease compression, allowing better movement and health.

๐ŸƒJoin Tony on the mat from 5pm-7pm to relax deeper into your body to release tension and create better flow.

๐ŸƒThe workshop is $20 pre-book and $25 at the door. 

๐ŸƒTo book your spot, email, call/text on 0427 055 256, or send a message for more information.

Namaste, Tony๐Ÿ™