Australian Tourism Data Warehouse

Destination Kiama encourages all events, accommodation, cafe's, tours, hire, attractions, and tourism businesses to create a FREE listing on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) platform 

If you start your listing and have trouble completing it, please contact us at the Kiama Visitor Information Centre for assistance and/or Destination NSW directly.

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is Australia’s national platform for digital tourism information on Australia. Incorporated in 2001, it is jointly owned and managed by all Australian state/territory government tourism bodies.

The ATDW collects information via its partners then stores and distributes this information. Data includes product and destination information from all Australian States and Territories, with more than 40,000 listings. This content is compiled in a nationally agreed format and is electronically accessible by tourism business owners (operators), wholesalers, retailers and distributors for use in their websites and booking systems.

ATDW also plays a key role in industry education, helping tourism operators make the most of online opportunities and allowing them to attract and facilitate more online bookings.

ATDW benefits Tourism Operators by providing a cost-effective solution to increasing their digital distribution and online exposure, and provides Travel Distributors with rich, flexible content in a central database to easily populate their websites.

What are the benefits of listing with the ATDW?

  • Increased online exposure and digital presence. A dedicated event page on the ATDW for your event or business, along with exposure across websites by multiple distributors.
  • Saves time and money. You only need to load your information once and it will be distributed across multiple channels and websites without you needing to do a thing!
  • It is easy to do and puts you in control. Create and update listings whenever, your updates will automatically apply across any website choosing to display your ATDW listing.
  • A trusted site. The ATDW meet national standards and assures high quality listings.

How can I create a listing on the ATDW?

  1. Register an account by heading to
  2. Create your listing, be sure to use an accurate description, images and videos
  3. Click ‘Send For Review’
  4. Wait for your listing to be reviewed, it will then appear on the ATDW and on the sites of a network of distributors